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So I've been through quite a few vehicles over the past few years. A 2011 Tacoma, A 2011 Ram 1500 single cab work truck, 2 Hummer H3 alphas. Now after a long hiatus of no off road vehicles ( got out of the army didn't make the best life decisions) I'm back with a 2016 Ram Rebel. I purchased it in Wisconsin, due to the fact the truck and suv market here in Colorado is insane. Found the same in grey here with 3 thousand more miles for almost 10k more. Thank you autotrader, and that amazing 15 hour drive home. I was initially looking for a midsize truck or suv, but they all were out of my price range.

So the good
Better gas mileage, and power then most of my previous vehicles was surprised especially with the hemi, and it coming with 285 70R17s in E load Toyo AT2's.
More interior space compartments everywhere, and that fold out deck thing when the seats go up is super nice
Also the crawl ratio, and center diff split is supposed to be better then normal rams but due to this is doesn't have 4wd auto (if that matters)

The bad
For an offroad oriented vehicle minus the other Ram I owned the first gen rebels do not come with a rear or front locker.
The rear exit dual exhaust looks beautiful, but totally kills a bit of the departure angle, lets just say scrapped those up a bit.

The ugly
The F*#$ing air ride. At first I loved it impress the girls with entry/exit mode as i lower the truck for them before I get the door, ride was pretty nice, and offroad mode gives you that extra inch or two of clearance. Well I've had it for about 8 months, we finally got our first super cold snow in Colorado Springs, as I'm driving 45 minutes to work. Service Air Ride, Service Trailer brake, Service ABS/ESC. Needless to say for the past week I've been riding on bump stops, with compressed air shocks. Being this is my only vehicle. If you have one make sure you get the extended warranty which I didn't, or delete that crap asap. I'm waiting for my monroe air ride delete. It's basically factory springs, and shocks, but that will have to do for the time being. After christmas funds are low lol.

So current mods

285/75R17 Nitto Terragrappler g2's ( I heard you can put 315's on but I'm glad I didn't the 285s barely tuck with my air ride being blown 315 I would be sitting on the tire.)

Future mods

Currently Torn between the AEV dual sport lift 4 inch since I'm getting the monroe stuff I get to keep that and retain factory towing/payload since its on sale for about 1500 due to them moving onto the new body style. Or the Icon stage 2 kit. Which is about 2500 I believe. But it will replace everything adjustable shocks/springs front, and a 1.5 increase in spring height in the rear. Vs AEV spacer stuff.

If I go AEV I will need to step up to a 18 most likely wrapped in a 35x12.50 If I stick to the Icon it fits my rebel wheels which I'm kind of fond of. The 285/75 isn't a bad size but theres only 7 manufactures of it so most likely would step up to a 315/70R17 in the future.

I love the approach angle on the factory bumper so I would most likely do the vice designs hidden winch.

Lighting as the factory lighting on the 1st gen rebels is abysmal.

Potentially see if there is a rear locker option.

Still on the fence of a rack or topper, and a rtt down the road. I use my truck as my daily and use the bed pretty frequently.

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With the 285/75R17 nittos. I'm not sure if it's my eyes but I feel the rake is more apparent with bigger tires.

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