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Here we can keep a running list of OWN part #s and questions. Here is a starter list provided by a fellow member. If you have items you'd like added or see something that needs correction please message me and I will be happy to work to make this list useable to all. This is just in the beginning stages so formatting, category changes to come as well.

2015/16 Rebel stock wheel and tire data
stock wheel:
size: 17" x 8"
offset: +18.05mm
bolt pattern: 5x5.5" / 5x139.7mm
weight: 29 lbs.

stock tire:
model: Toyo Open Country A/T
size: 285/70 17
height: 33"
width of tread:
weight: 56 lbs.

total package weight (rims and tires): 85 lbs.

recommended tire pressures, without load:
front: 55 psi
rear: 45 psi

recommended tire pressures, with load:
front: 55 psi
rear: 50 psi

Projector headlight units: (most Rebels have these)
low beam: 9005SI+ **
high beam: 9005LL **
turn signal: custom LED board

Quad headlight units: (some Rebels may have these)
low beam: H11 (1350 lumens) **
high beam: 9005 (1700 lumens) **
turn signal: 3157NA (amber) (300 lumens)

Other exterior bulbs:
Fog: 9145 (1000 lumens) **
Cargo: 921 (300 lumens)
Backup: 7440 / W21W (450 lumens)

Interior Bulbs:
Overhead Console: TS 212-9
Dome: 7679
License Plate: 194

** Note: the headlight and foglight bulbs supplied by Ram are suffixed "LL" for Long Life. The HIR2 is an HIR2LL. This has no effect on the bulb size or socket, it's strictly a bulb engineered to last longer.

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Some info on Mopar accessory part numbers and estimated costs:

82212428AB - 4 piece door sill guards (est. $95-$110usd)
82214577AB - 4 riveted fender flares (est. $470-$500usd)
82212138 - 2 piece pedal kit (est. $75-$90usd)
82213273AC - black 5" tube steps (est. $425-$490usd)
82211190.1 - 5pc white lens/ Amber cab running lights (est $100usd, 4 hrs labor)

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More notes on the Rebel from @johnj

Differences between other Ram 1500 models and the Rebel model (2015/16).
These are ONLY those things that are standard or optional on the Rebel and not currently available on other trim models of the 1500.

Mechanical Changes:
Air shock system - software settings modified from other models
Bilstein monotube shock absorbers to reduce body motion
Softer rear stabilizer bar for off-road suspension articulation
Wheel alignment specs revised for new ride height
0.5" wider track width
180A alternator

Trim / Appearance:
Rebel front grille
RAM badge on tailgate
Rebel badge on tailgate

Higher bumper, raised bottom, better approach angle
Brush guard / front skid plate

Fender flares standard
33" Toyo Open Country A/T tires
Custom designed wheels 17"x8"

Interior trim - black with red stitching
Seats - custom with embossed tire tread pattern
Rebel instrument cluster w/ red trim (optional)
Black Headlights - some Rebels until Ram supplier stopped making them
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