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Paint sealer,undercoating and fabric guard opinions pls

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dealer offering me these 3 things on my new rebel. Are they worth it? And if you know what they actually are lmk lol. Cost is around 1400 Canadian. Or should I be looking at after market?
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When I lived in Minneapolis (not far from Canada eh) I went to Ziebart (I don't even know if they still exist.) As long as you bring back the truck every year for maintenance coating, the truck structure was lifetime warrantied. I did that for 6 years. 15 years later, the truck was rusted on the body. The frame held up great except for a fracture from trail riding the crap out of it. It's probably cheaper going out yourself since the dealer is probably not doing it it themselves either.
Those sealers and what ever they call it are not worth it. It's another way for the dealer to steal a few bucks from unknowing consumers. I never get those and never had a problem. Save your money for something else.
Exactly what zim said, another way for the dealer to make money. However, they do work! and some of the stuff has a lifetime warranty. id read more about it before you purchase. remember everything is negotiable
I'm in Alberta and yes they threw it at me too. I said no. Not worth it in my opinion. Next was the service plan. They tried to show me how much I'd save by bringing it into the dealer each time. My reply was not if I did it myself lol.
Nothing is better then free obviously. I work in sales. i told the dealership i purchased the Rebel from upfront that i work in sales, my dealership will honor the free oil change and tire rotation for me since i work there. They ended up saying they will do the same and i have it written in the contract. Sometimes you have to bend the rules a little to make the game easier
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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