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Update: I just got off the phone with my case manager from FCA and he told me the dealer placed an order for a new part (supposedly an upgraded compressor) which "is supposed" to work better under cold temps. Have to wait for part to get shipped up to AK before it can be scheduled/installed. Had issues again this weekend with the whole drivers side collapsed down, and it caused my alignment to be off while driving. Once I warmed it up in the garage it leveled out and appears to be alright. Looking forward to having the new compressor installed and hopefully that fixes this terribly irritating issue! I'll post again as situation develops.
m just over here resurrecting every dead thread on the forum, First off, as Im sure you are well aware now, Genes sucks. Bad. they don't communicate when theyve got your vehicle, when they do communicate the information is wrong, avoid dealing with them if you can.
But to the original topic, did you try a battery blanket? I just got a 16 Rebel, in Fairbanks, I love the air ride so far, im getting ready to winterize her, factory block heater, trickle charger, oil pan heater and ive got a battery blanket for the compressor. Its an idea I've seen work for some people, but since, at least at some point, you were up here, did you try that? and did it work?
201 - 201 of 201 Posts