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I have been doing some serious off road trails with the Rebel. I've received some "pin stripes" and various scratches that most folks with a 2017 new vehicle wouldn't be doing…. but dang this truck is a blast off road.

I have reached the limits of the stock tires and lack of differential lockers on one route named Cliffhanger 2.0. However, had I aired down the tires I think I would have conquered the loose, rocky, muddy steep hill.

Yesterday I went wheelin' with some modified Nissan trucks with better tires than me but I had a bit more clearance then them. Some of the tight areas thru tree's scratched me up a bit but the Rebel climbed thru snow, mud, rocks and up above 11,000 feet of elevation. Had a blast…. 35" Nitto Ridge Grapplers going on soon, so that its right where I want it appearance and capability wise!
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