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I got my 2018 Ram Rebel at the end of 2017 in the Mojave tan color and have loved it ever since. The Hemi is phenomenally responsive and the off-road capabilities are exactly what I need, which is nothing too intense to begin with.
To start me journey, I should probably describe what I did to the truck itself:
First: I threw some aftermarket rims on. They are 18" and a dark charcoal powdercoat that compliments the hood decal quite well. I threw some 395 tires on to start that were around 33.5" but have since replaced those with B.F. Goodrich 35". One of the reasons I love Rams to begin with is that they have a production model truck that gan be outfitted with 35" tires without any modification and with minimal rub.
Second: I upgraded from a stock muffler to a Magniflow. It is a mid-range model so the drone is minimal but the sound at cold start up and rabid acceleration is load but high and tight. Definitely a good addition. I am going to take my truck to muffler shop some time in the future because I did the swap myself ans did a hack job; leaving the tail pipes uneven ?. other than that, I highly recommend a moderate muffler upgrade to allow the Hemi to get the respect it deserves.
Third: I added a Mo-par Cold Air Intake. Regardless of the discussion out there about the efficacy of Cold Air Intakes, I like the sound that it gives the truck on acceleration. It was easy to swap out and is easy to clean periodically.
Fourth: I got Hood Hinge LED Pod mounts and threw a set of discount LED pods on for when I am driving through the country between AZ and UT at night. They are pointed to allow me to see deer that may be camping out on the side of the road, just waiting to jump out and get hit.
Fifth: Pedal Commander. Not a Chip, doesn't void warranty. just gives me control of throttle response, which I like. If you turn the Pedal Commander all the way up to SPORT + you can easily chirp the tires. However, if you forget you are in a high setting you could very well back yourself through your garage door or another car. Yeah, the Hemi will bite if you let it.
Sixth and Lastly: This is what I want to assuming anyone responds.... I made myself some Air Ride Sensor Adjustible Links. I know there are some on the market but they are few and far between and I don't want to spend 100 bucks for 2 when I could make them for much cheaper. I had a 2014 Ram Ecodiesel before this truck that had air ride: I believe the sockets for the Air Ride Link are all the same size on that truck. However, on my 2018 Ram Rebel the top socket and the bottom socket vary in size. this was something to consider. I basically got a threaded rod and the right size sockets to great a sort if adjustable link for the sensor. (full disclaimer: The ones you can buy online are probably much better than the ones built, but mine where still functional). With the links installed (super easy but must be done with care), I went off-roading near Lake Powell and when rolling over some large, even rolling bumps, my driver side Air Ride Sensor's control arm busted in half. I got the "Service Air Suspension System" dash warning and stopped to assess the damage. Some duct tape and a zip tie later, I got the truck home and had the sensor replaced under warranty. Fast forward a few months and out of warranty later, the same thing happened to me again while driving around Bountiful Canyon. This time I called the dealership, gave them my VIN and they ordered me a sensor. I opted to install myself because I frankly don't like having a dealership touch my truck unless I have to. Upon install, I noticed that the new sensor had less "Prongs" in the plug assembly than the original sensor. Thought, "that's weird" but figured it'd be fine. When I get the ruck running again, the driver side that had the new sensor sat lower than the other, untouched side. My conclusion: the sensor they gave me was for a non-Rebel 1500, probably a Limited or Long Horn. Fast forward a couple more months, I had the stock Link on the sub-par sensor and while pulling into a parking lot the sub-par sensors control arm came off completely. Insomma: the one major issue with the Ram Rebel is the Air Suspension System. This is my a opinion and I reserve the right to it! It just seems like one more thing to break while you are over-landing or off-roading. Any solutions? Has anyone completed an Air Ride swap for a standard suspension on their rebel? I've heard people purchase the unlimited warranty, which is great but doesn't change the fact that I have to limp home every time it breaks. As for the Air Ride Links, I guess one must accept that there is a risk of breaking sensors when installing something other than stock.
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