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Post in thread 'Which type of gas is best for V6 Pentastar?' by derise has been reported by johnj. Reason given:
attitude, insults
Content being reported:
Sadly, you didn't make any such points about a V6's displacement. And I don't think you're raining on anyone's parade here, unless it's someone that owns a V6. Most of us have the Hemi.

I'm the one that made the displacement point. I specifically said that they are making too small a V-6. LTR.

It goes hand-in-hand with your comment on no replacement for displacement. The largest V-6s made to date have been in the 7.8L (478ci) class, right around the same size as the 8.0L V10. That's a lot more displacement than the 5.7L Hemi in the Rebel.

If you don't care to read my comments, then don't read them. Not gonna bother me.

ps. I don't care about any Vipers you may - or may not - own when trying to impress us with your mechanical prowess. Leg lifting and butt sniffing is for dogs.
If you cant deal with my leg lifting don't start to disagree with people on a public forum. Its obvious I'm bothering you. P.S. I care about my viper and so does every motor head on this forum. I mean honestly your ignorant. I'm sure a bunch of people would love to see my Texas Mile run videos. And again you missed the boat. I'm not here to discuss points about the V6. I'm basically saying why waste your money on a truck like this by sticking a V6 in it, end of story.
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