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I ordered a pair for my 2020 Rebel and although when they finally arrived they were well built, here are my issues.
1. It took 5 months for me to get the product. I get that covid was an issue but 5 months?
2. When they finally did arrive they were the wrong ones. They have several selections on their website, which is very confusing. However, the only option for the 5'7" bed were the ones that I ordered. The receipt only says 2020+ Ram 1500 sliders. It doesn't give anymore detailed info.
When I called to find out a solution, the customer service person Jared just gave me a hassle about it and wouldn't even work with me to find a solution. He said he would have management call me and they never did.
It was a horrible experience all around.
I ended up ordering from white knuckle and what do you know...the receipt actually says the actual product that I ordered.
Don't waste your money with this company.
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