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Seat style covers

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I have a 2016 ram rebel with red and black seat covers and accents. Can anyone tell me what material these are made from? It almost mimics scuba gear such as neoprene. Any idea guys?
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I have a 2016 Rebel as well with the same seat color scheme. I have a white exterior with black trim. Sorry, but I do not know what that material is either. Inquiring minds want to know :)
Are we talking the Premium Cloth Interior with the tread pattern that runs down the middle?

I assume it’s a mixture of neoprene and cloth, but I’m not sure…. As for the one with the red trim I have no idea, maybe the same but with red accents…

I know high end seat covers like Katskin are made almost entirely of neoprene, with some packages coming with a mixture of leather and neoprene
Yeah- that’s the one I am referring to. With the tire tread down the middle. I was thinking neoprene for the majority except for the center. I know it’s quite expensive- my drivers side bottom cover is starting to crack some due to how I get in and out of the truck and dodge quoted me a little over 500.00 for just the bottom cover. They recommended since it wasn’t terrible just to wait till it got really bad or go to an upholstery shop due to being cheaper. It would surprise me if upholstery shops did neoprene but I could be wrong
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