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Service Air Suspension System, Service Trailer Brake System, Service Electronic Braking System

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I have these three codes pop up at once and always together. I’ve reset the air suspension by pushing the two air suspension buttons together and All the codes went always and a month later they returned. I tried to reset again and now it won’t reset again. I can still change the air suspension from the settings in Uconnect. I’ve googled and looked on forums but could not find any solutions to this problem. Id rather not bring it in to the dealer. I have a 2017 Ram rebel 5.7l with about 225k.
Any one ran into this problem and found a solution?
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If anyone had this issue I look on a Cummins forum and they suggested an alignment. I went to get a alignment and my lights were still on until I drove for about 20-30 minutes and the lights went away and it’s been 10 days since and the lights haven’t appeared.
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