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Friday May 20, 2016 - Sunday May 22, 2016


3250 County Road 26
United States

Have you wanted to attend an event such as FordRaptorForum’s Havoc in the Hills, but you didn’t have the required off road vehicle?

Do you own a F-150 and wish you could attend a Ford Raptor event and use your truck?

Do you own a Ram Runner, Reaper, built Pre-Runner, Buggy etc. and want to see how performs in a controlled high speed environment?

Do you have a Raptor and enjoy attending events, but occasionally would like to break away from the high speed areas and do some trail riding?

Do you an off-road vehicle such as a Jeep, Ram Rebel, TRD-Pro and would like a place to get dirty in a controlled safe environment without worry of major damage?

Great Lakes Raptor Excursions (GLRE) now has the answer to your problems!

GLRE is hosting a new event called “The Phoenix Open,” the event will be held at the Phoenix Off-road Park in Wintersville, Ohio. For the first time GLRE will be allowing vehicles other than Ford F-150 Raptors to participate. (UTVs and ATVs are not permitted except for the property support vehicles).

What does that actually mean?

For Example:

  • An owner of a Ford Raptor and his buddy with a Wrangler JK can now hang out at the same camp and have fun off of the track while experiencing 2 totally different types of off-road environments.
  • Vehicles of all makes will be allowed to participate!
  • RamRunners, Reapers, Raptors, Built pre-runners, Trucks with Mid/Long Travel suspension, Buggies will all be able to play on the Phoenix High Speed Off-road Course.
  • Trail Rigs (Jeep Wrangler/Cherokee, Toyota FJ, Land Rover Defender, etc) will have guided trail rides.
  • For those with off-road capable vehicles that are either too large to fit down most trails, too expensive for hardcore wheeling (such as Ram Rebel/Powerwagon, Tundra Rock Warrior, TRD-Pro, Nissan Pro-4X, Z71, Porsche Cayenne, Volkswagen Touareg etc.) that want to get out and have some fun in the dirt, we have you covered too! There is a “Green Trail” area wide enough for the largest vehicles and just technical enough to get your vehicle dirty and leave the owners with a smile.
What is so different about The Phoenix Off-Road Park?

  • Phoenix Off-Road Park is over 1500 acres.
  • Approximately 800 vertical feet of elevation changes
  • 22 Degree hill climb
  • Groomed high speed area
  • Small jumps on the high speed course
  • Technical trails
  • Green trails
  • Amazing vantage points to see the high speed track
  • Grassy Vendor area
  • Freshly built pit area
  • Food Vendors
  • Night Driving *Aux lighting is a must
  • Massive Bonfire
  • Onsite rustic camping
  • Great hotels within 5 miles
  • Taco Bell… and many other fine restaurants
The property will be separated into 2 types.

  • Closed course high speed- This off-road track is purpose built with jumps, banks, short climbs and fast straights and has proven to be fun in everything from a stock Ford F-150 Raptor to fully built pre-runners.
  • Guided Trail rides- Approx. 10 miles of trails with technical areas as well as open “green” trails capable of supporting larger vehicles and those with relatively limited factory suspensions.
Prerequisites to run on the High Speed Course

  • Vehicles with extended travel suspension, (Ford Raptors, Chevy Reapers, Dodge RamRunners, Mid-Travel Trucks, Built Pre-runners, Buggies, Etc.)
  • More than 10” of suspension travel is preferred
  • Snell 2000 or newer Helmets are required for Driver & Passengers

Friday (5/20/2016)

2000-2100: Registration-Pick up driver bags, Placards etc

  • Bonfire
  • Live Music
  • Charity Rides on the high speed course in some of the Highest Modified Ford Raptors in the Country
Saturday (5/21/2016)

  • 0900: Mandatory driver’s meeting with GLRE Staff
  • 0930-1830: Track & Trails Open
  • 1830-1930: Dinner break
Night Run

  • 2000-2359: Track & Trails Open
    Approximately 2000 there will be paced recon lap lead by GLRE Support Staff on the Havoc Course
    Guided trail rides will begin at 2000. This is one of the rare time to be able to wheel at night.
NOTE: Off-Road Auxiliary Lighting is required to participate in the night run!

Sunday (5/22/2016)

The Phoenix Open Rules

  • 100% Sober Driving.
  • Alcohol consumption will not be tolerated on trails or any time you are driving. Remember the track is private property.
  • Illegal drug use will not be tolerated. Same as alcohol consumption
  • Do not tailgate
  • No littering, leave the track in better condition than you arrived
  • Know the limitations of your driving ability and your vehicle in the conditions.
  • No whiners!
  • Everyone in your vehicle must have a filled out GLRE waiver. NO Exceptions! You will not be allowed to participate without everyone having a completed waiver.
  • Helmets are required for all passengers on the High Speed Track
Required Items

  • A Good Attitude
  • All maintenance up to date and no major issues
  • Tires in good condition
  • Spare tire and tire plug/patch kit. Spare can be located under truck
  • Snell 2000 or newer Helmets MUST be worn by ALL vehicles occupants while using the Havoc Track
  • Tow strap at least 20’ and rated to pull 3 times the vehicle weight and 2 D rings
  • Close toed shoes: No sandals
  • Outdoor clothing: This event is rain or shine so like above have the appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.
Recommended Additional Items

  • You do not need a Co-pilot but it is recommended to help with communication traffic and navigating the trails. Plus it’s more fun with someone in the truck with you.
  • VHF Radio (Marine VHF radios will not work) Please make sure that your radio is programmed for these frequencies
    – 151.820 MHz = GLRE1
    – 151.880 MHz = GLRE2
    – 151.940 MHz = GLRE3
  • Navigation: Lowrance, Garmin, Android/Apple tablet with an offroad map app.
  • 5 gallons extra gas
  • A Come along
  • Floor jack and some wood blocks to help support it in soft surfaces
  • Auxiliary lighting* Optional for the event, but REQUIRED to participate in the Night Run
  • First Aid Kit
  • Tools

Hampton Inn (Primary Hotel)
Address: 820 University Blvd, Steubenville, OH 43952
Phone: (740) 282-9800
Room Rate:

Address: 875 University Boulevard, Steubenville, OH 43952 US
Phone: 844-329-0430

Super 8 (Overflow)
Address: 1505 University Blvd., Steubenville, OH 43952
Phone: (740) 282-4565


  • $175 for Driver and 1 Passenger
  • $50 for each additional passenger
All participants will receive the following:

  • Unlimited track time during operation hours
  • Event T-shirts
  • Access to the Raffle
  • Two Vehicle Placards Numbers based on Signup order
  • Door Prizes


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There is a group coming to the event from NY, I could probably hook you up with their contact info to caravan out with if you're interested in participating.
I would but I'm supposed to go to Nashville that month might even be close to that date. My boss might kill me. I'll get back to you when I find out My Dates for sure.
Thanks for letting me know about that!

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Bumping this up, Registration for the event closes on 5/1/16. If you're planning on attending please register before then.

Also, it is confirmed that the 6100 Class Race truck pictured above will be on hand giving charity rides all weekend, All proceeds benefitting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Hope to see some of you guys there!
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