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Transit Code Info

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New to site, coming from ford super duty diesel.

I just agreed to purchase (nothing signed) a new 2017 delmonico red rebel with every option I wanted. It's listed in transit with a code of KZP. Dealer has never seen that code and said was in holding lot but said it's probably just waiting for transport. I can't find that code listed anywhere with description. Has anyone seen this before?

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Congrats and welcome....maybe someone fat fingered the code....maybe it's kzb? I know zb is the preferred seats options I think
I'm sorry I don't know what KZP means, but I love your excitement/enthusiasm! I'm near 50 years old and have owned 9 vehicles before the Rebel. Of the 9 prior vehicles, only 3 were brand new. Generally, I look at my vehicles as a necessary evil which cost too much new, and should be looked at as a utility: transportation.

But, this Ram Rebel got me. I'm so thrilled with this truck, I have to drive somewhere every day I have off, just so I can spend time in it. I empathize with your anxiousness! :D
Welcome and I started with my first truck in 1990 as a dodge Dakota in Alaska. I have owned fords entirely after that trucks paint peeled off and now have had the Rebel since Nov 15 and absolutely love it. The ford lariat super crews I have owned in the past, pale in comparison to functionally what you get with the Rebel.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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