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A week ago, started the truck and no radio, bluetooth, backup cam, AC control.
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Electronics Multimedia Technology Electronic device Vehicle

Took the car to dealer, they tried for about an hour and nothing.
I was told a new radio needs to be ordered. No problem except that in their tries they manged to get the AC to blow at my feet and they could not reverse it.
A week later still no radio.
Yesterday, I tried starting the truck with key in the ignition twice, it would not work. 3rd time it did.
Today again same thing multiple time, so I gave a try with the remote start and it started.
The interesting is the radio worked with remote start.
Backup camera wasn't working and phone bluetooth wasn't fully working.
Arrived at destination, started the car again with key in ignition uconnect did not work.
I turned off and tried starting with the remote again, uconnect worked.

This brings me to think that the problem could be an ignition issue, not just a uconnect issue.
Sent and email to service advisor waiting on answer. Anyone know who I can contact at FCA?
Any ideas welcome
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