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2018 Ram Rebel 4x4 Air Suspension in Granite
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It's OK I'm suffering from the dreaded Uconnect screen delemination problem.
It has gone off the deep end beeping, endless erratic buttons etc. It's diving me crazy. The Nav thinks I'm the next state overxas well. Buttons on mirror for SOS and Assist don't work either. It's toast!
Have lifetime warranty and brought into dealership... said no problem replacing.
Although the wait time is unknown.
How long have you guys been waitng for your 8.4Nav replacements to come in?
So far its been a month and no update on when replacement will arrive.
Also don't want to lose my 5 year XM Weather and Traffic any issues or thoughts on that.
I know I can move my Sirius subscription and Guardian over... but does the dealer have to let Sirius about my free trial subscription?
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